Urban Viaducts


This conceptual project is based upon establishing a sustainable living system that can be deployed within the urban areas along The Rock Island Corridor (RIC).  This abandoned railway, which stretches to the southeast from Kansas City, MO, has sat dormant for almost 40 years.  Recently the Mid-America Regional Council announced plans for sustainable development to spur growth along the railway.

The concept for this project places an Urban Viaduct, a pedestrian-oriented physical link within an urban setting, across the railway.  Not only does it serve as a connection across the tracks, but it also provides a sustainable micro-farm system with hydroponic “grow cells” supported with irrigation from rain collection and power from solar collection.  The food produced at each Viaduct is then sold at a farmer’s market below the structure, which helps to combat the rising issue of food deserts along parts of the RIC.

There was a need for a system of logic to help develop each instance of the Urban Viaduct based on its location along the RIC, urban density, terrain and surrounding environment.  The system is based upon design elements that parametrically manipulate the “blank” structure depending on the existing characteristics and surroundings of that site. By defining such a system, a design language can be formed to establish an identity for specific urban areas along the RIC.


Below are three animations created in Revit & 3DS Max to describe the Urban Viaduct concept:


 Linking Four Cities Through the Railway


Kansas City Urban Viaduct


Pleasant Hill Urban Viaduct

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