Redefining Lee Hall

Lee Hall, Clemson University’s arts and architecture building, has lost its vitality. It was originally designed as a stark example of Modernism and a model of organization. After two rambling additions, the simplistic beauty of Lee Hall has been compromised and its presence on campus has waned.

This proposal restores the original vision of Lee Hall by making rational organization the central concern.  In doing so, public and gallery spaces strategically become a part of the adjacent campus thoroughfare; academic studios are no longer scattered across various floors; and overall program space is increased to accommodate a growing School of Arts and Architecture.

Comprised of two reflected curving forms, the new design comfortable links with the original Lee Hall and, in doing so, creates a large atrium.  The solar canopy above the atrium harvests sunlight through the use of building integrated photovoltaic panels and also adds an expressive, sculptural element to Lee Hall.


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