Monument Receptacles


During Studio 804, a design challenge that presented itself was the need for ten 120V and 240V receptacles in the high-bay space of our building.  The electrical code dictated that they must be 24” off of the finished floor.  I chose a 4”x4” steel tube for the body of the monument, because it visually mimics the adjacent 4”x4” steel columns and because it would have the durability to withstand a shop environment.  To establish a clean connection with the floor, an anchor made of fabricated steel plate is bolted into the concrete slab and the necessary wiring extends upward through the middle.  The monument then slides in place and is bolted to the anchor.  Instead of using store-bought cover plates, which felt flimsy compared to such a robust monument, custom cover plates were fabricated from 1/8” steel plate using a CNC waterjet machine.  The ten monument receptacles provide a necessary level of flexibility and safety in this research facility without sacrificing our clean-cut design aesthetic.

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