Boudoir Boudoir


This renovation brings a crisp, modern design to a previously compartmentalized, underwhelming bath and master closet.  The first move was to open up the floor plan to serve three functions—His Boudoir, Her Boudoir and a shared bathroom.  This increases the spatial presence and complements the generous 10’ and 14’ ceilings.

The material palette is both hard and soft.  The 2’x2’ white tile floor transitions to tongue and groove Ipê at the shower then wraps up the north wall and becomes the ceiling finish.  Both Boudoirs are filled with 8’x4’x2’ rift oak built-in casework modules fabricated in-house.  His is finished with a grey stain while Hers is left unstained, which subtly helps to define each space within the open floor plan.  LED strip lights highlight the Ipê ceiling above and also reinforce a floating effect below the casework.


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